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Board of Directors

President Becky Weed
Vice President Diane Hargreaves
Secretary and Treasurer Steven Hargreaves

Nick Davis
on board
since January 2005

A resident of Bozeman, Nick is the President of Montana Investment Advisors, Inc., a fee-based investment advisory firm located in Bozeman. He is also the President-elect of the Bozeman Noon Rotary Club, serves as a Big Brother, and is a Director of the Eagle Mount Rehabilitation Center.

Diane Hargreaves
on board
since February 2004

Diane is a distinguished wildlife photographer and education specialist. She and her husband Steven, also a Board member, moved from Denver to Bozeman several years ago to be closer to Yellowstone National Park, and in particular, closer to bears and wolves. Diane lives in Bozeman and joined Predator Conservation Alliance’s Board in February 2004.

Steve Hargreaves
on board
since February 2004

A wildlife cinematographer and environmental insurance business owner, Steven is not only interested in wildlife but he also sits on the science advisory board of the Institute of Alpine and Arctic Research (INSTAAR) based out of the University of Colorado, Boulder. Steven lives in Bozeman with this wife (and fellow Board member) Diane and son Greg. Steven joined joined Predator Conservation Alliance’s Board in February 2004.

Jacqueline Rieder Hud
on board
since August 2001

Jacquie is a local artist with national recognition. She and her husband moved from Los Angeles to Bozeman, and have more than one business in the Bozeman area, including a guest cabin in Big Sky. Jacquie lives in Bozeman, and joined the Predator Conservation Alliance’s Board in the fall of 2001.

Here she is pictured with a filmmaker who videotaped one of her art openings in L.A. View her work at

Rosalie Little Thunder
on board
since February 2004

A Sicangu Lakota Elder, Rosalie is an instructor for Lakota language and has been on the frontlines, leading the struggle to save the last wild herd of bison in Yellowstone National Park. Rosalie is the Chairperson of Seventh Generation Fund and co-founder of Buffalo Nation. Rosalie lives in Rapid City, South Dakota and joined Predator Conservation Alliance’s Board in February 2004.

Julie Stein
on board
since February 2004

Inspired by the Yellowstone wolf reintroduction, Julie made a career change and received her Master’s degree in Conservation Biology from Yale University. She has since developed a comprehensive background in both national and international conservation biology and policy, with involvement in such noteworthy organizations as Defenders of Wildlife and the Jane Goodall Institute, where she continues to serve as a research team member. Julie resides in Lovettsville, Virginia and joined Predator Conservation Alliance’s Board in February 2004.

Tyler Sutton
on board
since November 2004

Tyler is President and co-founder of the Conservation Alliance of the Great Plains, a Lincoln, Nebraska-based advocacy group dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Northern Great Plains grasslands. He is a former legal consultant to the Rural School & Community Trust, a national
rural education organization and a litigation partner in Woods & Aitken. He holds a LLM in environmental law from the Vermont Law School, and serves on the Board of Friends of the Center for Great Plains Studies, an interdisciplinary program at the University of Nebraska. In 2000, he received the International Conservation Award from the Porcupine Caribou Management Board for his work to preserve the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He joined the board in November 2004.

photo by William Campbell

Becky Weed
on board
since August 2001

Becky is co-owner of Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool Company in the Montana’s Gallatin Valley. The ranch is a "predator friendly" operation, in that they do not to use lethal control methods against predators. Becky is also a co-founder of Predator Friendly, Inc, the organization that certifies ranches as "predator friendly,” and is the most active rancher promoting the Predator Friendly concept. Becky lives outside of Bozeman, and joined the Board in the fall of 2001.

Jim Wingard
on board
since June 2004

Jim is a law and policy, conservation and environmental management consultant. He has worked on many projects around the world for the World Bank, UNDP, FAO, GTZ, WWF, and The Asia Foundation. Mr. Wingard is a native Oregonian; graduated from the University of Oregon Cum Laude with departmental honors in International Studies. He obtained his Juris Doctorate from the same university with a certificate in Natural Resource and Environmental Law. Jim maintains a private law practice in Montana and lives in Missoula. He joined the board in June 2004.

Our Board represents an array of interests compatible with wildlife conservation, from ranching, hunting and fishing,
to research and business,
to art and filmmaking.

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