Our Mission

Predator Conservation Alliance (PCA), founded in 1991, is dedicated to conserving, protecting, and restoring native predators and their habitats in the Northern Rockies and Northern Plains. In short, we are saving a place for America's predators.

This place is on the ground in the Northern Rockies and Northern Plains, where we are working to protect predators and the places they live. PCA also works to create a place for predators within the human heart and mind, by increasing public awareness about the important ecological role predators play.

We advocate on behalf of fourteen species, many of whom receive little other attention: black bear, black-footed ferret, burrowing owl, coyote, ferruginous hawk, fisher, grizzly bear, lynx, marten, mountain lion, northern goshawk, swift fox, wolf and wolverine. Of these, nine are imperiled.

Our Vision

We have a vision for the future of predators and their habitats. Our long-term vision states that:

* predators in the Northern Rockies will thrive across all natural landscapes, not just in isolated pockets; in the Northern Plains, predators will thrive in core habitats of public grasslands.

* threats to predators will be significantly reduced, and protections for predators will be markedly increased, to be commensurate with their ecological status.

* existing populations of predators will be augmented, or new populations be reintroduced, where needed, throughout their historic range(s), with the eventual goal of fully recovering all predator species.

* non-lethal predator control will be used as the first response to predator-human conflicts.

* hunting and trapping of predators, if it occurs at all, will be managed so that it does not result in the imperilment of any species.

* priority habitat areas will be adequately protected, and if need be restored, with each area being connected to others by "corridors" of secure habitat.

* public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of predators and their habitats will be increased so as to provide sufficient political support to make substantial progress toward protecting predators and their habitats.

* the public and agencies will be willing to modify their behavior to share our wild places with all native predators.