Saving a Place for America's Predators   
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A Unique Niche

Predator Conservation Alliance fills an important, unique niche in the conservation community.

We collect and use the best scientific information (including our own field-based inventories) to determine each species' ecological condition, threats to their survival, and monitoring needs.

We share our information with other conservation groups and public agencies to help guide and prioritize their monitoring and protection efforts.

We pursue all administrative, legal and public pressure avenues to secure adequate protections for predators and their habitats.

We are building an informed and active constituency that supports our work of protecting predators and their habitats.

Predator Conservation Alliance has members nationwide. Consider joining all those committed to saving a place for America's predators. A $25 annual membership entitles you to a quarterly newsletter, timely action alerts and other updates.

As a nonprofit organization, all membership dues and contributions are tax-deductible.

"I've watched you guys grow and become a more polished organization. You're doing a tremendous thing for predators and prairies, and you're a unique organization in doing so."

Member Michael G., Long Beach, CA

January 2002

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